5 Trends to Leave in 2020

Each January we write this blog and let you know what trends we think should be left behind in the previous year. We took into account that many people have spent more time in their homes than ever, and may continue to do so over the next year. Remember, this is just our opinion! Regardless of what’s trending, your home should be a space you create with the intention to bring you joy.

1. Overstuffed Bedding

Puffy duvets are a thing of the past. And while we are on the subject, it’s time to skip the bed skirt too. Move towards layering oversized linen comforters, sheets, and coverlets. This not only creates a beautiful and cozy look but is great for adjusting to varying temperatures. We do think it’s worth mentioning, bedding is a great area to splurge - after all, you do spend a lot of time in bed!

2. Single Purpose Spaces

This past year, we’ve spent more time at home than ever and many of us have seen the need to set up a workspace and homeschool area as well. If you didn’t have an established office space for this, then you’ve probably adjusted your kitchens, extra bedroom, or dining room table for these activities. This only emphasized the need to create rooms that are easily flexible. For example, that guest bedroom? Try adding a small desk in the corner close to the window and using that space for your office. Then when you don’t need that space anymore, you don’t have to readjust anything in that room. Or take the dining room and set up a portion of the table as an office, complete with a comfortable chair, desk light, and charging cords.

3. Fast Furniture

With this trend, we are finding that purchasing furniture is significantly more intentional right now. This is another one that came from the need to use our homes more this past year. While it’s always tempting to buy furniture that ships fast and is very affordable, it usually doesn’t hold up in the long run, making it more expensive overall since it will need to be replaced. We recommend resisting the urge to do this, and instead save up for quality, possibly even multi-purpose furniture, especially items that we use often like couches, kitchen tables, and beds. Remember, decor is always a great area to save instead!

4. Open Shelves/Storage

While we absolutely love how this trend looks, it’s definitely not functional, especially if you have small children. Opting for cabinets and enclosed spaces will allow you to cut down on the cleaning and organizing time needed when you have everything on display. Realistically, it’s very hard to keep everything aesthetically pleasing when it comes to open shelving, and it’s easy for it to look cluttered quickly. Instead of storing things on open shelves throughout the home, putting things in decorative boxes or baskets allows for functionality while still remaining attractive. And if you still really want that open look, then maybe opt for just a few open shelves or a glass door cabinet.

5. Neutrals

I know, I know - neutrals aren’t supposed to ever go out of style. That’s actually still true, but what we are seeing is instead of all neutrals, with ‘pops’ of color, we’re gravitating towards more evenly distributed hues. Having dispersed color rather than solely neutrals in your home will allow the space to feel brighter and homey without being tacky or overwhelming. Yes, that means your accent chair might have to go!

Thanks for taking the time to read what trends we think should be left in 2020! We hope this year is your best one yet and that you stay happy and healthy.


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