5 Trends That Need to Be Left in 2019

Hooray for a new year! Even if you're not much into setting goals for yourself, a new year often feels like new beginnings and that's always exciting. With a new year comes new trends and leaves others behind! Check out which ones we say need to be left in 2019!

1. Heavily Filtered Photos

Rather you're in real estate, photography, or just a big fan of social media, leave those super heavy filters in the past! This year we are embracing light, airy and natural-looking photos! We are big fans of creating your own filter, which can be done on your phone by downloading the free version of the Lightroom app.

2. Cookie Cutter Homes

Let's be honest, it's easy to pick a floor plan from a book, but here at A&E, we think that's a great place to START, and then customize the home to match your lifestyle and personality! Your home should reflect you and your family in every aspect. On the go a lot? You probably want a functional mudroom to drop your stuff! Love your pets? Let's build them a special place. The possibilities are endless!

3. Gallery Walls

Now before you get defensive, we aren't saying word art is completely out, we are just suggesting LESS. To make your house feel like a home, your walls don't have to be completely covered. A few good pieces can make the room feel cozy and bring everything together -- without going overboard. Choose things that have meaning to you, and place them in specific places around your home.

4. Busy Patterns

Yes, yes. They are so fun, funky and fresh. But do they last the test of time? Absolutely not. We suggest choosing a nice neutral pattern for the bones of your home and then switching up patterns by throw pillow or curtains that can be changed when that trend ends. Minimal wallpaper or neutral colors are better. For texture, adding wood/shiplap or painting an accent wall is better than a busy pattern.

5. Over Decorating

Cluttered countertops with useless decor, shelves stuffed with meaningless items - we are definitely leaving behind! Make your decor seasonal, minimal and functional. It will give the room space to breathe, make cleaning easier and freshen your home each season as you switch pieces out.

Hopefully, we haven't offended you. And if you feel completely lost on how to design for the new year, give us a call and we can help! Wishing you the best start to your 2020.

Tune in next month to get tips on how to make building a custom home easier!


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