5 Ways You Can Make Building A Home Easier

Spring is around the corner, which means it's the perfect time to start planning to build a home (just kidding, it's ALWAYS a good time to do that!) Maybe you are ready to start building a home or maybe you're just dreaming, either way, check out the five tips below that we hope prepares you for building your dream home.

1. Use A Great Lender

We recommend starting this process early, don't wait until you are ready to meet with your builder to start the process. Getting pre-approved can seem like a daunting task, so don't just pick the first person (or web-based company) from your Google search. We highly recommend asking friends/family for recommendations. When looking for a lender, look for someone knowledgable in all financing options - even those that may not be as well-known. You never know what grants you could qualify for! The right lender will help you feel at ease and fight for the best scenario for you. Even if you're not able to be qualified for what you would like, the most helpful lenders will get you on the right track to cleaning up your credit and helping you plan for future pre-approvals. We're always happy to send you a list of our preferred lenders if you send us a message at sales@aepropertiesde.com.

2. Look for Inspiration

Usually, the hardest part of building a home is making decisions on what you like! You can help be prepared for these decisions by keeping track of your likes and dislikes. Pinterest is a great resource for this but keep in mind, sometimes Pinterest dreams are not actual reality when it comes to staying within your budget. Besides just deciding what your preferences are for style choices, you'll also want to think about lifestyle. For example, do you entertain often? Think about having a place for everyone to drop their jacket and shoes. Have kids? where are their toys going? We recommend starting a list! Put it up on the fridge or write it on your phone to keep track of what you really love about your home or any daily inconveniences that you would like to see changed. This will help your first meeting with the builder not seem overwhelming because you've already thought through many of the things they will ask you. It's also super helpful to have these ideas to present to your builder so they can give you a more accurate estimate for building your home.

3. Find Your Builder

There are many deciding factors when choosing a builder and it can be hard narrowing it down because it seems like such a big decision. We always believe that social media accounts and websites really represent a company's brand. If you can scroll through various options, you'll probably be drawn to one or two naturally just based on style, profile and what's most important to you. From there, look for reviews or references and see if they have any homes you can tour. Setting up a phone call or starting an email thread will allow you to get to know the culture of the staff, which could also help your decision making. Of course, the team here at A&E would love the chance to show you how simple building can be!

4. Decide Your Non-Negotiables

Choosing your non-negotiables are different than creating your inspiration board. Ask yourself, what are the things I MUST have in my home in order for my family to feel functional, relaxed and comfortable. Those are the things you need in your home and should be put as priority one when creating your plans. Things like paved driveway, outdoor oasis, and finished basement can always be added on later!

5. Don't Forget The End

Sometimes we forget to save some of our budget for the end game. Don't forget about things like landscaping! If you're moving in the winter, maybe plan to do your landscaping in the spring. You'll also want to decide if you will hire a mover, or if you need a moving truck, to move into your new home. Remember, you'll probably want to save some money for things like furniture or decoration for your new space too. Preparing for these usual last-minute expenses from the beginning can help you feel less stressed and more prepared.

We would love the opportunity to walk you through each of these steps and build your dream home. If you'd like to take the next step towards building your custom home, click here! And if we aren't the perfect match for you, we'd still love to give you any resources you need.

Tune in next month to find out what some of our favorite spots and businesses are in Milford!


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