5 Ways We Can Help You (When You're Ready to Build)

So you want to build a home, but you've heard it's stressful and takes a long time. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out 5 ways that we can help you when it comes to building a home.

1. We Help You Find a Floorplan to Fit Your Lifestyle

If you're not sure what floorplan you'd like to build, we have options for you to choose from! You'll be able to look through them, tell us exactly what you like and dislike, and we can make changes to match your style and preferences. If you already have another floorplan that you purchased or found online, we can use those too.

2. We Can Work With You To Find the Perfect Piece of Property

A lot of times, clients want to build but can't find land or want to build on bigger pieces of land instead of the typical builder lots. We can help with that too! We are always on the lookout for land in Sussex and Kent County, and we are able to see a lot of options that might not be available to the public yet. We can definitely help you find the perfect area for your home, but we can also build on land you've already found.

3. Our Designer Will Help You Discover Your Style

Choosing all the selections for your home can be really exciting but also stressful. Here at A&E, we have an in-house designer that will help you with everything from choosing your gutters to your bathroom fixtures. We will make sure nothing is forgotten and provide expert advice when you feel like you can't possibly make any more decisions!

4. We Will Work Together To Make the Best Use of Your Budget

We will set down with you and listen to what 'must-haves' and 'wants' are on your list. Then we try to incorporate as many of them as possible. We want you to have what you want but not to have the ever infamous feeling of 'house poor.'

5. Your Timeline is Always at the Top of Our Mind

The timeline for building a house, selling your current house, getting lending squared away, and making the move, can be very difficult. We work as hard as possible to make this a simple process. We will coordinate with your realtor and your lender to make sure the timeline stays on track and that communication is clear to all those involved. If you don't have a lender and realtor you are working with, we have both available in our office that is ready to help you make this happen!

When you're ready to build we hope you'll consider reaching out to us. We would love the opportunity to build your home! Check out next month's blog featuring 5 of our favorite spaces we've built (and how you can be inspired).


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