5 Ways to Create a Functional Home Office

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

When thinking about building an office space in the comforts of your own home, there are a few things to take into consideration. Whether you’re a college student about to start your first semester, a stay at home mom who’s pursuing dreams or an entrepreneur that's just getting started, we think you should be able to thrive in your work space. Home offices can spark creativity and fuel motivation, if you do it right. Here are 5 ways to carve out a perfect little space in your home to get things done!

1. Utilize Space

For a lot of us, the idea of a home office sounds like a dream, but realistically there may not be a ton of space to work with. Get creative! Do you have an empty double door closet in the hall? Place your desk in the closet, add free hanging shelves on the wall, and install lamps to brighten up the area. How about a free area under the staircase? Or maybe you have a small awkward corner in your living room that’s just dead space. Simply install three floating shelves, one as your “desk” and the other two on top as storage shelves. Remember to always take advantage of wall space. Utilizing the horizontal and vertical spaces around your desk can increase storage. Install small shelves that hang on the wall for storage. Think about investing in cork boards or wall grids so you can hang up calendars or other important documents that would otherwise get lost on your desk. Seek out your options!

2. Privacy

Whether you find yourself searching for square footage, or you have a whole separate room set aside, we believe privacy is a key factor in your productivity. When you have a calm and quiet space with no distractions, you are able to zero in and focus on your list of to-do’s. A tall storage or book shelf can be placed beside your desk in order to divide off your little corner of the room. Room dividers will do the trick, too. Maybe your best option is to carefully place the furniture in the room so it naturally creates barriers, such as moving your couch so its facing the opposite way than your desk. Any of these are great options, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you and your family.

3. Lighting

This is your space and odds are you’ll be spending a good amount of time here. Lighting can change the entire mood of a room. We recommend parking your desk by a window with natural light. It keeps your environment fresh and bright and isn’t harmful to the eyes or head. Everyone is different, so take into consideration how light affects you and your productivity.

4. Wire Management and Organization

Organization is huge when it comes to having a workable space. Important things should have their own specific home, and I’m sure you can agree, loose wires and cables can very quickly make your desk look cluttered. To avoid the knots and tangles, think about placing a power strip in a small drawer and and channeling all of your cables into there. Another option would be to invest in small clips and place them around your desk to keep the wires exactly where you want them. Some ways to avoid disorder are to keep file folders, magazine holders, and desk organization containers on your desk. The goal here is for every object to have its own space to live!

5. Personalize

The key to a home office is actually enjoying your time spent there. It’s your area, so make it personable. Decorate your desk in a way that expresses who you are and what makes you happy. Picture frames of friends and family always cheer us up during a long work day. Surrounding yourself with the colors and knick-knacks you love fuels creativity and allows you to feel right at home!

We hope that no matter if you're heading into a new school year, starting a new journey or maybe just looking to freshen up your space, that these tips are helpful for you!

Tune in next month for a short lesson from our designer on what her favorite items are to have in the home and why!


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