5 Tips on How to Take Professional Looking Shots on Your Phone

Some of life's best moments are happening daily and most of us only have a phone to capture these beautiful every day moments. Don't compare your cell phone pictures to those of a photographer, after all, they are the professionals! Enjoy the real life moments and utilize these tips to capture them the best way you can.

1. Use the Shortcut.

Life happens! Sometimes we don't have time to fumble with our phones and find that camera app. Next time you want to grab the shot, just tap and hold on the shortcut button on your lock screen so you don't miss a beat! And if you're trying to get the shot but your hand is in the way -- utilize the volume button to take the shot.

2. Utilize Your Grid.

It's always helpful to remember the rule of thirds. This is made easy by having a grid right in front of you. If your grid settings aren't turned on, go to 'Settings' -> 'Camera' -> 'Grid' and enable the option. Then, simply align your subjects within the spaces of intersection or keep them along a single line. This makes your photo appear balanced and professional.

3. Take Action Shots in Burst Mode.

Taking action shots on your phone can be tricky, but the burst mode setting takes multiple frames in a matter of seconds, ensuring you have a variety of photos to choose from. You can take burst photos by keeping your finger on the shutter button and releasing when you are done.

4. Have a Good Editing App.

Using an editing app doesn't have to take a lot of time or be complicated and it can easily help you create the perfect look for your picture. Lightroom and VSCO are two great options and have free versions. You might have heard of a 'preset' - this is something a lot of influencers and photographers are selling to the public. A preset is a configuration of settings (think filters, just more custom), designed to achieve a certain look or style. You can either purchase a preset or create your own in Lightroom. Once you have a preset you like, you can use it on every photo with just one click, saving you a ton of time!

5. Portrait Mode.

A lot of newer phones offer a 'portrait mode' setting in the camera app. This automatically blurs out the background and focuses on the main object of the photo, allowing your pictures to have a clean and professional look. Remember, portrait mode doesn't work well in low light, too close or too far away, so you'll only be able to use this mode for certain types of photos.

We hope you'll find these tips from our in-house photographer to be very useful, practical and easy. Let us know if you learned something and we'd love to see your phone shots!

Are you a local? Tune in next month to hear what some of our favorite places are in and around Dover!


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