5 Things You Need in Your Home Right Now

One of the most common things we hear when people are checking out our homes for sale is that they love the staging. From the pictures on the wall to the countertop in the kitchen, making a space feel like home is just part of what our designer does. This month, she's sharing her favorite items to have in the home and why having them makes a space feel cozy.

1. Comfy Chair

A cozy chair that can be used anywhere from a living room, to office, to bedroom is definitely a piece you need to have in your home. The ones we typically use have a classy, farmhouse feel and are quite inviting. For those that love to relax a little more, this chair keeps those cozy vibes AND reclines.

2. Wall Clock

You definitely can't go wrong with a nice wall clock. They’re timeless, useful, and so simply beautiful. Kirkland’s has a great selection, so you can have a clock for every room! This can also be useful for those awkward wall spaces that need something to bring them to life.

3. Statement Lighting

This is the light we hung in the dining room of the Timberland home. It is such a beautiful statement piece and adds such a beautiful touch of elegance without a lot of work. We grabbed it from Lowe's and it's on sale right now!

4. Faux Plant (or real!)

Greenery in the home is a must but if you don’t always remember to water (like me), this plant is a great option and it comes in a cute little planter!

5. Candle

We love 1803 candles at A&E! They sell soy candles that burn clean and have a powerful scent. There are tons of scent options to choose from but 'Summer Festival' is one of our favorites.

Hopefully next time you're looking to redecorate a space or make a few changes to a room, these tips will come in handy!

Tune in next month for a quick session on what gratefulness, culture and values mean for our business!


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