5 Things You Didn't Know About A&E

Often times, people will hear the name 'A&E Properties' and not understand what we do or who we are. To put it simply, we build custom homes, renovate properties and create mutually beneficial relationships with our partners to fund our projects. So, that's what we do but if you aren't too sure about who we are, then read below. Seriously, it's a 2.5 minute read and you might learn something new!

1. Our Vision

We have ten core values that we live by here at A&E. We will chat about those at a different time, but every single one stems from our vision statement “Creating prosperity for the betterment of our communities.” If you’ve heard us say that before but didn’t fully understand what it meant, let me clear it up for you. We are actively seeking partnerships - from investors to trade partners to clients, that will allow us to make our communities better. Through developing or renovating properties, we believe we can make a positive impact in our area. We believe this is only accomplished with integrity and excellence - we believe in doing the right thing no matter who is looking.

2. The CEO

Albert & Elmina Miller are the owners of A&E. You might have known that, but did you know that they both were born into an Amish family? “I [Albert] was raised in the Amish community in Dover, Delaware. At the age of twelve, I began working in the construction field with my family. By the time I turned sixteen I was a full-time bricklayer and from there I continued in the masonry field for the next three years. After I turned twenty, I started my own business framing houses for big developers through Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. That same year, my wife, Elmina and I made the hard decision to leave the Amish community. This decision was so tough, but we remain forever grateful for the hard-working and committed foundation that we were raised in.

3. We're Thankful

The team was asked what they were thankful for and the top three answers? God, Coffee + Family. (Seriously, coffee was a top choice!) This time of year it’s so awesome to look back and reflect on all that we’ve accomplished as individuals and as a team and feel so proud. We grew from a team of 6 to 13 in the past year and took on more projects than ever, which was only possible through God’s timing, provision and blessing.

4. Dreaming Big

Perhaps our most exciting dreams consist of buying two farms in the Dover area that would allow us to start our first ever A&E development! Our other dreams include continuing to renovate homes, specifically in downtown Milford and the city of Dover, building tiny homes for people that wish to live simply, growing our team and continuing to make our communities better.

5. The Team

We believe that teamwork really does make the dream work. That we truly are better together. That two (or 13) is better than one. That we make each other better. This is reflected in how we help and support one another, how we listen and care for each other both personally and professionally, and how our Leadership believes that family comes first and models that in their own lives.

Hopefully, you feel like you know us better now! We've found it's always easier to 'do business' with people you feel familiar with. We'd love to know, what are your core values both professionally and personally?

Tune in next month for a staff cookie recipe exchange! We will be battling it out in the kitchen and present you with the best 5 tried and true cookie recipes! You can thank us later. 😉


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