5 Spots in Milford That We Love

Milford is a very welcoming town with a beautiful downtown area and many small businesses that we love supporting! We are happy to be utilizing the downtown developmental district program in Milford to revitalize properties in this great town. We love becoming familiar with all the friendly faces that represent businesses and being impacted by each and every one of them! Below we have listed 5 of our favorite spots in Milford.

1. Bug & Bud Festival and the Riverwalk

We loved having a booth at the Bug & Bud Festival by the Riverwalk this past year. The area is beautiful and we loved seeing many smiling faces stop by. The festival is a great place for kids and families, with so many options for food and fun, how can you go wrong?! The Riverwalk is a staple of the downtown area even when the festival isn't happening. With beautiful and quaint scenery, it's perfect for a long walk or beautiful pictures! The Bug and Bud Festival is happening on April 25th and we look forward to seeing you there.

2. Insurance Market

Insurance Market is located right in downtown Milford and is a great option for personal and/or commercial insurance. We love the Insurance Market because they are quick to respond, very thorough, and they make our job so much easier. The Insurance Market provides all of our builders' risk policies needed for new construction. They have great customer service and are truly looking out for our company.

3. Dolce Bakery

Dolce Bakery is very popular here among A&E staff. Located right in downtown Milford, Dolce has amazing pastries, coffee, and customer service. The bakery is small, quiet, and welcoming. It’s perfect for a one-on-one meeting, hanging out with a close friend, or reading your favorite book. Some of our favorite Dolce pastries are the buttercake, almond macaroon cookies, and cinnamon buns. Let us know if you try any of these!

4. Griffith Lake

Griffith Lake is located on the outskirts of Milford. It’s a quiet spot that is any nature lover’s dream. Some of the guys here on staff love to go fishing on Griffith Lake. It has a boat ramp, small waterfalls, and a road that drives right along the lake. It’s perfect to bring the whole family and spend some time together while enjoying the outdoors. Not many people know about this lake, so get on out there this summer and enjoy a nice fishing trip!

5. Easy Speak Spirits

Easy Speaks is a great place for a weekend dinner or place to unwind! Our staff loves to visit and munch on their famous spicy goldfish. With great food and live music every weekend, this bar and grill does not disappoint! The environment is very unique and modern. Head on over to enjoy a meal and drink with family or friends!

We love visiting each of these places and hope you will do the same!

Tune in next month to find out what you can learn from a minimalist!


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