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A partnership with A&E is a private funding opportunity for you to put your money/funding to work for you. The size of the investment will decide on what we can accomplish with it. For example, with smaller investments of $50K, we can purchase lots/land, with $100K or more we can purchase distressed properties and make the necessary renovations, with investments of $150K, we can do full builds. Typical return rates are 8-15% depending on individual investment. All funding interest is compounded monthly from the time of purchase, through the refinance or sale of the property. You will have regular communication about your investment and see the transformation of the property at the end.


We purchase all our properties in our business name A&E Property Solutions LLC. We are in a network of other investors that are continuously sending us property deals and we also buy property on bank owned and MLS listings. It is a personal goal of ours to purchase the property at the right price so that we can make a safe deal. All of your funding will have a mortgage note on the property along with a private note and it will be recorded on the deed.

All of our funding has a 1-year max; we believe short term lending gives everyone the opportunity to keep an eye on the market and the world status, to minimize the risk. Now we're not telling you that there’s no risk in real estate because there is a risk with any investment. Our goal is to minimize that risk as much as we can. All of our funding interest is compounded monthly from the time we purchase the real estate to renovation to going back on the market and finally being sold again. Typically we can flip a property in 4-6 months. You will get your funding back the day of settlement. After that you can use your earnings to reinvest in our business as much as you’d like so that your funding does not sit idle too long!

An investment with A&E Properties has been a very positive experience. I am pleased with the return I've received on my investment.

- Investor since 2017


Before partnering with us, we would love to sit down with you, get to know you better, and also give you the opportunity to learn and know more about us to see if we can work well together in our funding program. Once we have a contract on a property we will follow up with you to give you all the details, the funding amount that will be needed with a amortization schedule, and a loan agreement. 

One week before we go to settlement you will be required to send the funding into our account so we can wire the funding over to our attorney the day before settlement. At settlement our attorney will have all the proper documents, mortgage note and deed that we will sign and they will send you a copy of. You would also be on the insurance policy of that property as additional interest. 

Ready to partner with us? Please complete the application here.  We will be in touch shortly after receiving your application. 

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