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A partnership with A&E is a private funding opportunity for you to put your money/funding to work for you. We have a two-tier investment approach. A Tier 1 investor helps us secure the land/project as we take it through the permitting process and get it ready for the build. A Tier 2 investor refi’s out the Tier 1 investor and provides the needed investment to take the project to completion and sale.  

  • You can receive up to an 8%-15% ROI depending on the project.

  • All interest is compounded monthly.

  • All loans have a 9-month term. 

  • Funding will have a mortgage note on the property and it will be recorded on the deed. 

  • Investors take 1st lien position on the mortgage.  

investment process

An investment with A&E Properties has been a very positive experience. I am pleased with the return I've received on my investment.

- Investor since 2017


Step 1. Sit down with A&E to discuss the opportunity.  An investment is more than just money, it’s a partnership with our brand and company. Click here to start now! 


Step 2. Determine which property/investment is right for you. 


Step 3. Draft up a loan agreement to be signed by both parties and sent to the settlement attorney.  


Step 4. One week before settlement, funds are transferred to A&E Property Solutions.  


Step 5. Receive settlement docs from attorney.  


Step 6. Cash-out at the end of the project and reinvest! 

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